2024 Top Window & Door Treatment Trends

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As 2024 looms on the horizon, now is the time to start thinking about the kind of changes you hope to make to your home and lifestyle in the coming year. There are many things you can do to transform your house into a place of peace and comfort, including updating your home’s window treatments. […]

Home Trend Spotlight: A sliding glass door — with less and more

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NEW Preferred View Sliding Glass Door (SGD770NS) with narrow interlocks “Less is more” is a major theme of some of today’s most stylish home trends. Not only does a minimalist approach create an understated modern look in any space, it can also put the natural surroundings of your home in sharp, beautiful focus. One exceptional […]

5 New Trends to Watch in 2022 Home Design

After two years of spending more time indoors, many of us are thinking about how to reimagine our spaces in the upcoming new year. Especially ways to make our spaces more comfortable, efficient, and flexible. Are you looking forward to investing in some home projects in 2022? If so, here are five new home design […]

Upgrade Your Style with All-Black Frames

Coastal home with all-black window frames

Black window frames are a great addition to almost any style of home. As a neutral color, with its dark shade, black makes a bold statement. Especially when contrasted with traditional white frames. While black is a popular interior window frame color right now, what’s great about this hue is it’s a timeless shade that […]

Stylish Backyard & Poolside Décor for Summer 2021

Couple enjoying their poolside patio with hurricane resistant windows

Lifestyles have significantly changed over the past year as people spent unusually large amounts of time at home. In 2021, many families are likely to continue to spend a lot of time at home, but as we slowly return to normal, more people are likely to entertain with safety precautions in place. Related: 2021 Home […]

Stylish, Earth Friendly Home Improvement Techniques

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Spring is arriving and now’s a good time to look at this year’s home improvement options. If you’re looking to go greener this year while maintaining style, you can accomplish your goals in several different ways. Related: Energy-Efficiency with Style: All Black Frames in Vinyl Garage and Attic Insulation & Ventilation Garage and attic areas […]

8 Quick Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized Year-Round

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For most of us and our families, 2020 has been a unique year. If you spent a large chunk of your time at home, you may find it feeling a little more congested than usual. The holidays bring an abundance of food, celebration, love… and stuff. Move into 2021 with ease by utilizing these ideas […]

2021 Home Decor Trends

2021 Home Decor ideas

It is safe to say that life has changed a lot this year. As you might expect, home decorating and design trends have changed as well. With many of us spending more time at home, families are looking for ways to maximize and enhance their space. There are many exciting 2021 home decor trends on […]

Working with Uniquely Shaped Windows

Uniquely shaped windows add personality and flair to your home

It’s Not a Pane. How to Work with Uniquely-Shaped Windows In the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the South Rose window is arguably the most famous in the world. Its 84 stained glass panels are spread between four circles and span an impressive 42.3 feet in diameter. Aside from its beauty and historical significance, another […]

Christmas Decorating Guide

Holiday Decor - Christmas Tree - Sliding Glass Doors

It is that time of year. The time when one of you climbs up into the attic and carries down your storage bins so you can start decking the halls. Or you start scouting out the tree lots so you can get there when they open and select from the widest range of live trees. […]

Holiday Preparation Guide

Holidays - Holiday Decor - Christmas Decor

The holidays are around the corner, and there are cupboards to declutter, kitchen appliances to clean, and decorations to put up. Holiday preparation can all feel overwhelming, but if you take these proactive steps to prepare for the holidays, you’ll be able to focus on having fun with your loved ones when they arrive. Related: […]

Fall Decor for Coastal Homes

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Although the thermometer may not show it, fall is here. With its arrival, it is time to start thinking about new home decorations to reflect the season. Discover fall decor inspiration, tips, and tricks to make your home feel ready for the new season. Hang a Fall Wreath Who says wreaths are only for the […]

Xeriscaping Guide for Florida

PGT Impact Window - PGT - Hurricane Impact Windows

If someone asked you to explain the difference between landscaping and xeriscaping, what would you say? Don’t feel bad if you do not know the answer (yet). Both philosophies involve decorating your property with trees, plants, and flowers. But xeriscaping’s approach is unique, providing an excellent way to enhance your property and “go green” at the same […]

Inspiring Dining Spaces

Dining Spaces - Home Decor - PGT Windows and Doors

Dining out has slowed down, and enjoying more meals at home has become popular lately. Whether it is dinner for two or six, having a dining room (or dining space) that inspires your meal preparation, celebrates the diners and showcases the beauty of your home and its content can make dining at home just as […]

Design Ideas for Neutral Palettes

Beautiful bathroom with window view

When looking at magazines and online, it’s the brightly colored or dramatic rooms and accessories that grab the eye. These photos intend to make readers pause and take notice. This makes it hard not to think, “Should I be bolder and add more color to my home?”  Neutral color palettes are equally as stunning as […]

Energy-Efficiency with Style: All Black Frames in Vinyl

WinGuard Vinyl PGT - Windows and Glass - Types of glass for windows

We recently introduced Modern Edge all black frames on select aluminum products, a fresh alternative to traditional white and other muted shades. Now we’re thrilled to announce that we’re extending this in-demand neutral to our vinyl collections. Select styles of PGT WinGuard® and EnergyVue® Vinyl are now available in all black to instantly transform the interiors and exteriors of your […]

Breathing New Life into Vintage Finds

Home Decor - PGT Windows and Doors

Whether it was your great-grandmother’s dining room table or a garage sale item you knew you couldn’t live without, vintage furniture has a place in every home. Here are some ways to take something old and make it new. Give a Dated Desk New Life HGTV Magazine is a fantastic resource for home design inspiration. For […]

Window Boxes Made Easy: How to Plan Your Window Boxes

Outdoor Style - PGT - Window Boxes

Everyone may not like to get dressed up, but your windows may enjoy some seasonal sprucing-up. In a time when things are moving a bit slower, planning window boxes that will provide you color and even food garnishes throughout the summer, is one way to pass the time. Check out these seasonal window box ideas […]

The Now Neutral: Introducing All Black Window Frames

PGT Windows and Doors - Black Window Frame - Black Window Frames

Exterior black window and door frames have taken home design by storm in recent years. The epitome of chic, they provide instant curb appeal, and their versatility is unmatched. Now, all-black frames are poised to transform the look of home interiors, too. Black window frames are officially here Two years ago, PGT debuted black exterior frames on […]

Outdoor Lighting – Lighting Designer Tips & Tricks

Outdoor Lighting - PGT Windows and Doors

Maybe you have a green thumb and don’t want to see your efforts go to waste after the sun sets. Perhaps you’re a design fanatic and want to highlight the architectural features of your home. Or maybe, you have a difficult-to-navigate walkway with stairs that challenges even the best when it’s dark. Outdoor lighting can […]

Trend to Watch: Black Window Frames & Black Vinyl Windows

Black Window Frames - PGT Black Window Frames

Last year, we shared 3 projects where “Black Windows Made an Impact.” If you read this blog and are still not sure if this trend has continued, now is the time to reconsider. And don’t take our word for it. You can scroll through libraries of black doors, window frames and black vinyl windows on […]

Is Gold the New Brushed Nickel?

Interior Design - PGT Home Decor - Home Decor

You may still remember colors like Harvest Gold and Avocado Green making a splash in homes across the country. Unfortunately, on-trend colors do not always have longevity, and this reality makes embracing new ones a little intimidating. Today, some homeowners are going gold while others are mixing their metals for a more subtle look. Going with […]

Home Decor Trends for 2020

Window Trends - Design Trends - PGT Windows and Doors

The holidays are right around the corner, and then we welcome 2020. Everyone is already making predictions about what will be on-trend for the upcoming year. Here are a few of our favorites we can’t wait to see in the new year. Color Palette Trends When it comes to color, no one knows it better […]

3 Times Black Windows Made an Impact

Black Window Frames - Black Window Frame

Black windows are just like that classic black suit in your closet: a timeless go-to that complements every look, regardless of season. Over the past two years, black windows have become a popular trend that upgrade curb appeal in a variety of ways.

Why Black is the New Black

Black Window Frames - Black Window Frame - PGT Black Frames

In much of home design, black has always been a classic accent. Yet for years, window frames — particularly on the exterior of the home — have often been a standard white, bronze, or other neutral.

New Black Vinyl Launch

Black Window Frames - Black Window Frame - PGT Black Frames

This year, black is the new black. Which is why we’re excited to announce a new option for Black Vinyl Exterior frames on all EnergyVue and WinGuard Vinyl products.