The holidays are right around the corner, and then we welcome 2020. Everyone is already making predictions about what will be on-trend for the upcoming year.

Here are a few of our favorites we can’t wait to see in the new year.

Color Palette Trends

When it comes to color, no one knows it better than paint companies. Behr has said the color palettes of 2020 are “inspired by natural elements such as sky, earth, water, and plant life.” The colors you’ll see next year will include Dusty Lilac, Creamy Mushroom, Painter’s White, and Light Drizzle. They have added some pops of color with Red Pepper, Rumba Orange, and Bluebird. See these colors, and all their 2020 predictions, in action!

Home Window Trends

Unobstructed views while letting in as much light as possible will spill over from 2019 to 2020. But there is something dark on the horizon you’re going to be seeing a lot of it next year. Dark window frames will be in style for 2020 as they make a dramatic statement on any home. Black window frames give a modern aesthetic to any type of architecture. And if black window frames feel a bit too bold for your taste, you can always try this trend with a dark window frame color like bronze.

Window Frames - Windows and Glass - Types of glass for windowsWindow Frames - Windows and Glass - Types of glass for windows

Living Room Trends

Formal living is out, and multi-functional casual living is in. We can thank things like Netflix, the popularity of board games, and our growing need to put our phones down and enjoy some face-to-face time with friends and family for this 2020 trend. Living rooms that are livable and multi-functional are a must. Large tables to spread out puzzles and board games at a moment’s notice, plenty of storage space and unlimited seating options (think poofs and oversized floor pillows) will make your living room the place to be in the upcoming year. Ursula Carmona of Home & Made by Carmona proves that a living room can work overtime.

Home Office Trends

The ever-growing number of entrepreneurs isn’t slowing down, and corporate attitudes about remote employees are expanding. A corner in the kitchen or a spot at the dining room table no longer works as a home office. What this means is a home office is no longer a want, but a need for many in 2020. Home offices in the new year will be built with usability in mind. Storage space for those that have things like samples or contracts for their businesses are a requirement. Sound absorbing features for people that spend their days on conference calls will be a must. All the while, the home office needs to be a place people look forward to going to and can spend the entire day in. The team at Vlassak-Verhulst shows us a thoughtful home office as inspiration.

Looking into the new year, the idea of a house being a home is apparent. All these trends lend to people spending more time at home and having spaces that are functional and inviting. Now it’s time for you to take inspiration from these trends and start implementing them in your home.