Care & Maintenance

PGT® windows and doors are designed to be low maintenance. You can keep yours in top shape with just a small amount of care and light yearly cleaning to maximize durability and operation. In salt-air environments, a bit more care and maintenance is required.

Essential Best Practices

Wash your products with light pressure — excessive scrubbing can lead to damage, like scratches.

Clean and rinse each window or door individually to prevent cleaning agents from permeating for long periods of time.

Clean aluminum frames very carefully after they are installed. These frames are extremely susceptible to corrosion caused by various chemicals on a construction site.

Avoid leaning on your window or door screens. These products are not designed to protect you from falling.

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Important Precautions

Do not use the items below on your windows, screens, doors, or hardware. These improper tools may void your warranty and/or damage your products.

  • A power washer or garden hose
  • Metal tools or sharp objects, like razor blades, putty knives, and abrasive pads
  • Petroleum-based products, abrasive or caustic cleaners/solvents, and hydrochloric/phosphoric acid

Cleaning Tips + Tricks

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