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Benefits of Impact-Resistance

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The Benefits of Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors​

WGV Sarasota SGD5570 bronze twotone exterior 90degree

Engineered to protect your family from hurricane-force winds and other extreme weather, WinGuard® impact-resistant windows and doors also offer additional benefits to increase the comfort, security, and beauty of your home. Our impact glass provides extra protection from would-be intruders and noise pollution while offering potential long-term savings.

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2 WGA FD750 French Door hurricane

Always On Hurricane Protection

Hurricane-force winds and flying debris can be extremely destructive. With impact-resistant windows like the ones we make at PGT®, damaged glass remains secure in the frame to keep your home and loved ones safe.

3 WGA SH7700A Single Hung

Always On Return on Investment

Impact windows and doors have proven to be a good investment. While they can potentially boost energy efficiency and home value while possibly lowering insurance premiums, they also offer a sense of security that’s priceless.

4 WGV PW5520 Fixed Lite Picture Window energy

Always On Energy Efficiency

Energy Star rated when upgraded to laminated Insulating glass and Low E. $7200 in energy cost savings when impact windows are installed. Adding impact windows and doors increases the value of a home up to 20%.

5 WGA SGD770 Preferred Sliding Glass Door

Always On Home Security

Impact windows and doors serve as a deterrent against would-be intruders. Even if struck, our laminated glass is constructed to remain intact, providing no point of entry. It’s 24/7 peace of mind.

6 WGA PW5520 Picture Window

Always On Sound Reduction

Quiet is comfort, and it’s a popular added benefit of our hurricane windows and doors. Impact glass absorbs noise and can significantly reduce common outdoor sounds, from barking dogs to traffic.

7 WGV PW5520 Picture Window

Always On UV Defense

Up to 60% Improved performance blocking heat caused by sun’s rays* (vs Single pane clear and monolithic grey). 99% of Fade causing UV rays blocked (while still allowing visible light through).

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