A sound investment. 

Bringing homeowners serenity inside, no matter what’s happening outside. All thanks to PGT’s highly affordable noise-reducing technology, created to minimize unwanted sound from traffic, construction, neighbors, and the chaos of life. 

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Peace And Quiet You Can Feel

PGT has always been about helping people feel safe, comfortable, and in control. With QuietGuard, we’re helping homeowners embrace their homes as places of consistent and welcome solitude. 

Noise Reduction You Can Measure

QuietGuard helps literally turn the volume down on the outside world. In fact, we’re reducing outside noise by approximately 30 decibels. Turning yells into whispers. Traffic into white noise. And outside noise pollution into inside hushed tones. 

Energy You Can Conserve
The same technology that helps dampen sounds is also responsible for keeping homes well insulated. Increased thermal performance for better year-round comfort and measurable energy savings. 
Beauty You Can Enjoy

Enjoying the sights of the world without having to experience the sounds. Reducing personal noise pollution without compromise. 

STC ratings between 30 and 35.

Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a single number method of rating how well wall partitions reduce sound transmission. The higher the number, the better the sound reduction. With PGT QuietGuard, we’re reaching numbers that rival that of many exterior walls.

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Noise reduction for your home.

An STC 30 rated window or door can:


  • Reduce the decibels of a police siren to the decibels of a blow dryer
  • Reduce the decibels of a blow dryer to an average conversation
  • Reduce the decibels of an average conversation to a whisper

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