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There is a lot to consider when building a home or commercial property. Occupants are looking for functionality, beauty, and safety. Professionals, like you, need complete product lines, strength, and the peace of mind that their windows and doors will be delivered accurately and on time. At PGT®, we build with all of those considerations in mind.

Why PGT®?

At PGT®, we create groundbreaking products that balance the needs of both homeowners and professionals. Our comprehensive product portfolio offers superior resilience, aesthetic appeal, safety standards, and precision engineering — all backed by some of the strongest warranties in the industry for a completely seamless experience from project initiation to successful completion.

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All of our products offer continuous overall protection and meet or exceed AAMA and Miami-Dade requirements, passing the most rigorous wind and impact tests in the industry. In fact, PGT is a leader the industry with 40+ Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptances (NOA). We’re ready to help you with orders of all sizes and specifications. From the most niche projects to the most routine, we provide exceptional products and great service.

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Codes + Standards

Properly installing windows and doors is a critical component for any building project. To ensure successful installation, be sure to consult with your architect or engineer before starting the replacement process as each job may require unique codes beyond those typically encountered.

To learn about more detailed Codes and Requirements, visit the link below.

40 Year Rule

This ordinance requires that buildings in Miami-Dade County after 40 years (and every 10 years thereafter) must be recertified by a registered Florida Engineer or Architect for structural and electrical safety.

Turtle Code

Many coastal counties and cities have adopted sea turtle lighting ordinances that restrict the amount of light permitted through windows and doors to avoid confusing the hatchlings who are guided to the water by the light of the moon. If you live near the coast, consult your dealer to determine the best glass option for your windows and doors.

Wind-Borne Debris Regions

Wind-Borne Debris Regions are areas near the coast with high wind speeds. If a structure resides in any of these areas, it is required to have some means of opening protection (for example, impact-resistant windows or doors or shutters that have received a Florida Product Approval).

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