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WinGuard® impact resistant windows and doors offer excellent protection against hurricanes and extreme weather. They also offer an extra layer of security against would-be intruders. Constructed with two pieces of glass bonded together with a strong interlayer, our laminated glass creates a barrier to keep your home and family more secure.

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Did you know?

  • Every 15 seconds in the U.S., a burglary occurs.*
  • The most common time for a burglary to occur is between 10 am and 3 pm.
  • The average burglary lasts between just 90 seconds and 12 minutes.*
  • The first-floor window is the entry point for 23% of break-ins.*
  • WinGuard® impact glass windows are designed to withstand major impacts, so even if struck with a large object, the glass will stay in place.
  • Glass panels can crack, but they won’t leave your home vulnerable.
  • Even damaged panels will stay in place. They won’t create openings for intruders to pass through.

* On a recent survey, 63% of owners of impact resistant windows say they are never or rarely concerned about intruders.

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What WinGuard® Impact Windows Do

WinGuard® impact resistant windows and doors are made to protect against hurricane-force winds, but they also offer other benefits like increased security. Engineered with heavy-duty glass, they offer an extra barrier to keep your home and family safer.

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How WinGuard® Hurricane Windows Work

Our hurricane windows and doors are made with laminated glass, which is composed of two pieces of glass bonded together by a strong interlayer. Once sealed, the two sides function as a single unit to deliver extra protection to your home and family.
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How Impact Products Affect Families

Impact resistant windows and doors can help families feel safer and more secure. In a recent study, 63% of those surveyed said that they were rarely or never concerned about intruders since installing impact resistant windows in their home.***
Here is what some had say:

“I know that no intruders will be able to enter my home. I rest at ease knowing that I’ll be safe.” – Dezann G., Tampa, FL

“Unless you’re Houdini, you’re not going to get in. Love all the advantages.”
– Jennifer M., Miami, FL

“I do feel safer from intruders. My personal safety and the safety of my family is paramount. The impact resistant products have really helped me accomplish that.”
– Teresa D., Fort Myers, FL

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