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Benefits of Impact-Resistance

Long-Term Savings


Long-Term Savings

PGT® WinGuard® products are engineered for the highest quality and designed to fit any style of home with the most customized glass and frame options available. We’re so sure of their performance, we back our windows and doors with one of the industry’s best warranties.

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Did you know?

Most homeowners who install impact windows and doors see significant increases in the value of their homes. 95% of customers’ home value increased – with an average gain of nearly $34,000.*


While the initial investment for impact window is higher than hurricane shutters, the ROI for impact windows ranges from 80% to 86%. Hurricane shutters max out at around 40%.**

Can impact windows reduce insurance premiums?

Due to regional variations and other factors in homeowners insurance, it’s impossible to say how much you and your family can save with impact windows. However, hurricane windows and doors can help you qualify for significant premium discounts and even local rebate programs if available. In a recent survey, 43% of homeowners reported that impact resistant products reduced their insurance costs.***
Home value also has the potential to increase when you invest in impact doors and windows, as they are very appealing to home buyers. By some estimates, installing hurricane windows can deliver as much as an 80% return on investment.
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* 2020 Consumer Perception Study by John Burns Rea lEstate Consulting LLC.  Impact windows with LowE and/or insulating glass as compared to single pane non-coated glass.
** 2022 Cost vs Value Report, Remolding Magazine. Cost efficiencies are gained over the lifetime of a product.