After two years of spending more time indoors, many of us are thinking about how to reimagine our spaces in the upcoming new year. Especially ways to make our spaces more comfortable, efficient, and flexible.

Are you looking forward to investing in some home projects in 2022? If so, here are five new home design trends to watch.

Creative Work-From-Home Spaces

During the pandemic, the rapid transition to work-from-home structures created chaos for many businesses and their employees. However, after ironing out the kinks, it looks like work-from-home situations are here to stay. In June 2021, a survey found 30% of workers considered themselves as hybrid employees while 35% were full-time remote workers.

As a result, people are going to continue to seek creative WFH solutions. Working from the dining room table permanently doesn’t cut it. Many remote workers will continue to convert guest rooms to offices, build “clofices”, and renovate areas of the home to create flex spaces. A flex space enables you to work, play, relax or host guests in the same room.

Along with WFM space, you can expect multifunctionality to be huge in the near future. Not just rooms or spaces, but furniture too. This could be especially valuable if you live in a smaller home where you might not have the ability to expand.

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Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

High-performance doors and windows offer a variety of benefits. Not to mention, they can go a long way towards adding stylish elements to your home. A few of the top benefits you can gain with impact-resistant windows and doors include the following:

  • Safety. Conventional windows and doors may not withstand high-force winds or flying debris, but impact-resistant windows and doors are built to ensure your family’s safety.
  • Energy savings. Drafty, lower-quality windows and doors equate to literally throwing money out the window, but premium vinyl or aluminum adds nice curb appeal to your home and you gain energy efficiency.
  • Aesthetics. Installing sliding glass doors or French doors adds convenience, elegance, and style to your home while serving a practical purpose.
  • Noise barrier. New windows and doors designed for high impact also add a noise barrier to help create a more serene indoor environment.

Impact-resistant doors and windows will never go out of style. Most doors and window styles are versatile, so you can choose from different colors and shapes. For instance, black accents are trending in a big way for 2022. To modernize your home and add some exterior “pop” to your home’s look, black window frames are a great option.

Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong with installing high-performance doors and windows to update your home and add beauty.

Smart Technology

Smart home technology has already demonstrated that it’s way more than just a fad and is definitely here to stay. Homeowners are steadily integrating smart tech features into their spaces to boost comfort, convenience, home safety, and energy efficiency. Popular products people are investing in as they upgrade their homes include these five features:

  • Smart kitchen and laundry appliances. Smart appliances are aesthetically pleasing and help you to conserve water and save energy.
  • Security systems. Smart security features include a combination of smart cameras, locks, and doorbells. Integrate them all or mix and match.
  • Smart thermostats. These units offer complete control over pattern (use) detection to regulate the heat and A/C you use; you can also manage your HVAC system from your phone to boost your comfort and efficiency levels.
  • Automated blinds and curtains. These attractive features increase your comfort levels while adding a “wow” aspect to your mornings. (Pro tip: Automated blinds and curtains pair nicely with your new attractive impact windows.)
  • Smart LED lighting. LED lighting is extremely efficient and smart features offer you the ability to turn your lights on and off with your phone, saving energy, and increasing home security.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has dramatically changed the way we live. As smart technology continues to mature, any features you add to your home will increase its value and add convenience to your daily lifestyle.

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Sustainability is another huge trend for 2022 and is one that will last long beyond. Buyers have shown they’re willing to pay more for homes that highlight sustainability and offer green features. People are looking to actively save energy, water, and eliminate toxins to ensure a healthy home. Popular trends reflect ways to accomplish this.

Efficient plumbing features, such as low-flush toilets, tankless water heaters, drip irrigation, and tanks for collecting rainwater are great sustainable additions. Furthermore, projects using materials made of sustainable materials, such as bamboo, aluminum, salvaged lumber, and cork flooring in your home remodel projects are a safe bet as well.

The year 2022 will find momentum for sustainability. But these home design options aren’t simply an expensive trend. Any value projects offered in the upcoming year will continue to yield homeowners a good ROI since sustainability is here to stay.

Upgraded Outdoor Living

The pandemic limited travel and now people want to be prepared to bring the relaxing features of vacation to their own homes. The outdoor spaces of tomorrow aren’t just going to feature a picnic table in the backyard with maybe a grill off to the side. The latest trends show people building outdoor kitchens, luxurious seating areas, screened-in porches, grilling porches, fire pits, hot tubs, and pools. All with plenty of comfortable seating. Expect these and other exciting ideas to come to fruition in 2022.

The pandemic dramatically shaped how people live, work, and play. Spending more time at home also gave people the chance to reflect on what they really want from their home design. This year’s trends, combined with exciting design ideas that will include bursts of color, curves, and maximalist aesthetics, should make for some interesting space ideas.