We know you or your customers will live behind PGT Aluminum windows for a long time. That’s why our quality aluminum windows and doors are designed and manufactured for years of reliable performance, as well as continuously smooth, easy, and quiet operation. Additionally, our aluminum products include double weather-stripping and interlocking meeting rails to keep wind and water out, while keeping air conditioning and heating in. No matter the square footage or architectural style of your home, our aluminum windows and doors are a low maintenance choice that can fit any budget.

Aluminum Benefits

Our Aluminum framed products offer smart solutions for quality windows and doors for your residential and light commercial use in both new construction and replacement window projects. We use extruded aluminum frames that are mechanically fastened at the corners for added strength, and the finished product receives corrosion resistant hardware to provide a lifetime of steadfast durability.

alumnium benefits
Safety Durability

Safety & Durability

We engineer our WinGuard® Aluminum windows to provide benefits that enhance your home and lifestyle. Lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and incredibly strong, aluminum is the prized material in many industries for its outstanding durability and design flexibility.

These properties allow us to engineer thin, stylish WinGuard® Aluminum frames that take your home’s aesthetic to a new level while providing advanced impact resistance that creates true peace of mind. Highly recyclable, aluminum can also increase the sustainability of your home as it readily protects against extreme weather, would-be intruders, outdoor noises, and other unwanted elements.

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Aluminum Picture Window - Picture Window - PW640

Aluminum Performance

PGT® Aluminum product certifications, ratings and testing include:
– Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance
– Florida Product Approval
– International Building Code
– National Fenestration Rating Council® (NFRC)
– STC (Sound Transmission Class)

Each PGT Aluminum window and door meets or exceeds the International Building Code for:

– Air infiltration
– Water resistance
– Deglazing
– Forced-entry resistance
– Structural integrity


WinGuard® Aluminum

Install it in high spaces and pair it with our casement and fixed window for more natural light.

ClassicVue Max™

Place Casements in humid areas like the kitchen and bathroom for the ultimate combination of functionality and beauty.

ClassicVue Max™

A go-to for bedrooms and bathrooms. Low-profile sweep locks boost security while equal sight lines give you a wider view of your natural surroundings.

ClassicVue Max™

A modern design that brings unobstructed vertical views, ClassicVue Max aluminum horizontal roller windows increase ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms.

ClassicVue Max™

Offered in a wide selection of sizes, this window adds architectural appeal, great views, and all the benefits of natural light.

WinGuard® Aluminum

The foldaway handle is nestled into the window, preventing interference with curtains, and the matching Awning and Picture windows offer a complete look in your home.

WinGuard® Aluminum

This traditional style works well throughout the home, offering extra security, durability, smooth operation, and custom options. 

WinGuard® Aluminum

 This easily operated window offers modern style and extra security to kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

WinGuard® Aluminum

Gorgeous views and natural light to living rooms, master bedrooms, and more. 

ClassicVue Max™

Made to boost your home’s aesthetic appeal. Choose from a unique selection of shapes and pair with single hung or horizontal roller windows to increase natural light in any space.

ClassicVue Max™

Install this window in rooms where you have high ceilings, and combine it with the matching Casement and Picture Windows for a complete design.

WinGuard® Aluminum

We offer a wide selection of unique shapes and styles that increase natural light and boost curb appeal.

WinGuard® Aluminum

This non-operable window allows a substantial amount of light to enter your room and is considered a suitable solution for nearly any area, including bedrooms and living spaces.

ClassicVue Max™

Popularly paired with a casement or awning window for matching sight lines and maximum natural light.


ClassicVue Max™

Designed with a 2-point locking system and optional sidelites, adding security and style to bedroom, dining rooms, and more.

ClassicVue Max™

A polished entry to porches, lanais, and more, this modern door is built for durability and is available with single hung or picture window inserts for even more natural light.

ClassicVue Max™

Top-to-bottom glass makes our ClassicVue Maxexterior French doors a beautiful addition to patios, master bedrooms, and more.

ClassicVue Max™

Loved for its easy operation and expanded views. Configure with up to eight panels and enjoy the extra security of our dual-point locking system.

WinGuard® Aluminum

Available with optional matching sidelites, this sophisticated design offers natural light and a secure two-point locking system making it ideal for bedrooms, patios, and more. 

ClassicVue Max™

Offering expansions of up to 40 feet, this premium door provides uninterrupted views along with a dual-locking system for extra security, and easy opening and closing.

WinGuard® Aluminum

Prepped for European-style hardware and available with matching sidelites, this aluminum impact resistant WinGuardⓇ double French door is both elegant and highly functional.

WinGuard® Aluminum

Smooth operation and an extra layer of security to your home. Use it to let the light into your living room or master bedroom.

WinGuard® Aluminum

Smooth operation and an extra layer of security to your home. Use it to let the light into your living room or master bedroom.

WinGuard® Aluminum

Let it maximize natural light and your view while providing an extra layer of security.