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April 6, 2020

The Now Neutral: Introducing All Black Window Frames

Exterior black window and door frames have taken home design by storm in recent years. The epitome of chic, they provide instant curb appeal, and their versatility is unmatched. Now, all-black frames are poised to transform the look of home interiors, too.


Black window frames are officially here

All Black Window Frames Are Coming Soon on Select Products

Two years ago, PGT debuted black exterior frames on all vinyl products.

This year, we will be unveiling the next evolution in this popular trend: Modern Edge all-black interior and exterior frames. A fresh alternative to traditional white and other muted shades, black interior window frames are not only unexpected, they also provide endless style opportunities.

This bold new look will be available on select aluminum and vinyl products in both impact-resistant and non-impact product lines.

WinGuard aluminum® and ClassicVue Max™:
available to order now

All black frames are available on the aluminum products below:

WinGuard vinyl® and energyvue™:
available to order now

All black frames are now available for the vinyl products listed below.

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All-black interior window frames complement a range of home styles

Black Window Frames Kitchen

Interior black frames elevate and complement almost any space from the moment they’re installed. We’ve seen them turn up the minimalist industrial edge of city lofts, bring eye-catching rustic flare to modern farmhouses, and add standout style to beach houses. Black indoor frames take almost any decor direction to the next level, and they also work in every room, from tiled kitchens and bathrooms to common spaces and bedrooms with various wall and floor applications.

They’re elegantly understated — or a bold, defining statement

Black Window Frames Patio

The real magic of monochromatic black frames is that they can blend in or stand out. Paired with lighter colors, they make a bold, defining statement. In rooms with darker shades, they create an elegantly understated background. Without changing anything else, adding black frames can breathe new life into your home — suddenly, once-muted dark furnishings and decor pop, and artwork that’s become a fixture provides more visual interest than ever before. The difference can be truly stunning.

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Interior black window frames are of the moment and totally timeless

Black Window Frames Living Room

Trends come and go, but black interior frames are likely here to stay. Their versatility means that even as your tastes evolve and change through the years, black window and door frames continue to be the perfect canvas for new paint colors, furnishings, window treatments, and other alterations. Eternally stylish, they can spark or complete every home design inspiration.

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