Home Trend Spotlight: A sliding glass door — with less and more

March 6, 2023
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NEW Preferred View Sliding Glass Door (SGD770NS) with narrow interlocks

“Less is more” is a major theme of some of today’s most stylish home trends. Not only does a minimalist approach create an understated modern look in any space, it can also put the natural surroundings of your home in sharp, beautiful focus.

One exceptional example of this nature-spotlighting style is the latest from PGT®: Preferred View narrow interlocks. At just 2.5 inches – that’s half the size of standard frames – this new sliding glass door frame is designed to disappear into your surroundings, ushering in more natural light to blur the boundaries between your living space and the outdoors.

Slim and strong

One of the most exciting and unexpected elements of our new Preferred View narrow interlocks is that despite their sleek and slim profile, they’re engineered to provide all the benefits that the PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum collection is known for. The larger glass area of the Preferred View narrow frames enhances the beauty without compromising strength. PGT® WinGuard® Preferred View Sliding Glass Door (SGD770NS) with narrow interlocks can help you:

  • Increase in home value
  • Lower energy and insurance costs
  • Feel more safe and secure
  • Enjoy more peace and quiet

A great way to customize your home

With PGT®, you have the freedom to ensure that every product reflects your personal style. The customization options for PGT® WinGuard® Preferred View Sliding Glass Door (SGD770NS) include configurations of up to eight glass door panels as well as generous maximum panel size capabilities.

Additionally, you can opt for increased energy-efficiency enhancements, like argon gas and high-performance Low-E, along with frame colors that perfectly align with your preferences.

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