Non-Impact Windows & Doors

PGT® prides itself on providing options that fit your lifestyle. Along with our flagship WinGuard® line of impact resistant products, we also manufacture a range of exceptional non-impact window and door collections. Engineered and tested for quality and precision, our EnergyVue®, ClassicVue Max™, and Scout lines give homeowners a multitude of styles, looks, and performance features to choose from.

Many Features. Outstanding Benefits.

At PGT®, we strive to ensure that our custom window and door collections give your family the options and benefits that will enhance your home for years to come. Our non-impact lines do just that with in-demand features, like energy efficiency, heavy-duty construction, and high value along with custom choices, including frame colors, hardware finishes, and more.

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energyvue vinyl

EnergyVue® Vinyl

Boosting energy efficiency in the home is a priority for many families. The excellent insulation built into our EnergyVue® Vinyl collection helps indoor climates stay more comfortable all year round, keeping heating and cooling bills low. Employing the technology of our WinGuard® Vinyl collection, EnergyVue® is extraordinarily durable and capable of handling high-design pressures while offering options to achieve ENERGY STAR® ratings.

ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum

Elevate your home with the quality, heavy-duty aluminum windows and doors in our ClassicVue Max™ line. Designed with mechanically fastened corners and durable hardware, these non-impact products leverage the technology of WinGuard® Aluminum for exceptional strength and easy maintenance. ClassicVue Max™ windows and doors also provide enduring beauty with engineering to withstand corrosion from salt water, heat, light, and moisture.

Scout Aluminum

Beauty, strength, and style. PGT® Scout sets a new standard in aluminum non-impact windows and doors, pairing engineering excellence with outstanding value. Thicker coating and resistance to fading, scratching, and corrosion help Scout complete your home with plenty of options to boost performance and curb appeal.


EnergyVue® Vinyl

This EnergyVue® vinyl single hung window features SecureConnect patented-technology integrated corner keys for added strength and a tilt sash design for easier cleaning.

ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum

A go-to for bedrooms and bathrooms. Low-profile sweep locks boost security while equal sight lines give you a wider view of your natural surroundings.

EnergyVue® Vinyl

Designed with removable sashes for efficient ventilation, our EnergyVue® double-hung window offers a new level of energy-saving comfort.

EnergyVue® Vinyl

Easy operation and durable construction makes this energy-efficient window a great option for bathrooms and kitchens.

ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum

A modern design that brings unobstructed vertical views, ClassicVue Max aluminum horizontal roller windows increase ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms.

EnergyVue® Vinyl

This WinGuard® vinyl casement window is hinged on the side like a door, opening either from the left or right.

ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum

Place Casements in humid areas like the kitchen and bathroom for the ultimate combination of functionality and beauty.

EnergyVue® Vinyl

Increasing natural light and ventilation is what out EnergyVue® vinyl awning window is made to do.

ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum

Install this window in rooms where you have high ceilings, and combine it with the matching Casement and Picture Windows for a complete design.

EnergyVue® Vinyl

A beautiful way to transform living rooms, master bedrooms, and more. Providing abundant natural light, this energy-efficient window can work alone or be paired with a companion window.

ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum

Popularly paired with a casement or awning window for matching sight lines and maximum natural light.

ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum

Offered in a wide selection of shapes and sizes, this window adds architectural appeal, great views, and all the benefits of natural light.

EnergyVue® Vinyl

Boost natural light and add a unique style element to your home with our EnergyVue® architectural windows. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to find the ideal accent for your front door and other areas of the home.

ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum

Made to boost your home’s aesthetic appeal. Choose from a unique selection of shapes and pair with casement or awning windows to increase natural light in any space.

EnergyVue® Vinyl

Casement picture windows maximize light and are ideal in any room where you want to see more of the view.

EnergyVue® Vinyl

With a large selection of shapes and sizes, our EnergyVue® architectural windows bring a stylish finishing touch to your home. Pair with an awning or casement window for even more natural light. 


EnergyVue® Vinyl

One of our most popular energy-efficient products. Designed for durable daily use with smooth open-and-close operation, it provides natural light and extra security to your home.

ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum

Loved for its easy operation and expanded views. Configure with up to eight panels and enjoy the extra security of our dual-point locking system.

ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum

Offering expansions of up to 40 feet, this premium door provides uninterrupted views along with a dual-locking system for extra security, and easy opening and closing.

ClassicVue™ Aluminum

Designed with a 2-point locking system and optional sidelites, adding security and style to bedroom, dining rooms, and more.

EnergyVue® Vinyl

An elegant and airy addition to interior and exterior spaces, it’s made to resist corrosion even in the salty air of coastal areas. 

ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum

Top-to-bottom glass makes our ClassicVue Maxexterior French doors a beautiful addition to patios, master bedrooms, and more.

ClassicVue™ Aluminum

A polished entry to porches, lanais, and more, this modern door is built for durability and is available with single hung or picture window inserts for even more natural light.