Because you trust our products to stand between your family and the world, we only use the highest quality materials in our PGT® Vinyl windows and doors. All frames are made of 100% virgin uPVC* vinyl, which contains micro ingredients that enhance heat and color stability. Working with state-of-the-art technology, a highly skilled workforce, and tough quality control measures, we work with clear purpose to provide a complete line of custom-built, virtually maintenance-free, energy-efficient windows and doors for new construction and replacement projects.

Vinyl Benefits

Our Vinyl windows are welcome additions to your home for more reasons than one. We’ve designed our vinyl for a clean look that’s virtually maintenance-free. Unlike wood sashes and frames that split, rot, and require regular painting, vinyl frames are highly resistant to the environmental factors that limit the life of wooden frames. Our vinyl’s superior insulation keeps the frame tight and intact, without swelling or warping.

We’ve made it easy to perform what little maintenance is required. All single hung windows and double hung windows feature a convenient tilt-in sash for easy cleaning of both inside and outside surfaces.

Our vinyl windows can improve life inside the home as well by significantly lowering energy bills. From the quality materials used in the frames, to the double-pane insulating glass used in our assembly, PGT® Vinyl windows and doors are your home’s best barrier against wasted energy. We are pleased to offer many Energy Star® rated window and door configurations.


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Vinyl Performance

PGT® Vinyl windows and doors have Florida State Product Approval and have been tested to AAMA/ NWWDA 101/I.S.2.7 specifications. They have also been designed to meet the following test standards:

– ASTM E283 for air infiltration
– ASTM E987 for deglazing
– ASTM E547/E331 for water resistance
– AAMA 1302.5 for forced entry for operable windows
– AAMA 1303.5 for forced entry resistance for doors
– NFRC Certification


WinGuard® Vinyl

Removable top and bottom sashes let you enjoy enhanced comfort and easy exterior cleaning.


Designed with removable sashes for efficient ventilation, our EnergyVue® double-hung window offers a new level of energy-saving comfort.


Increasing natural light and ventilation is what out EnergyVue® vinyl awning window is made to do.

WinGuard® Vinyl

 Install it in high spaces and pair it with casement and fixed windows for more natural light.


Casement picture windows maximize light and are ideal in any room where you want to see more of the view.


This EnergyVue® vinyl casement window is hinged on the side like a door, opening either from the left or right.


With a large selection of shapes and sizes, our EnergyVue® architectural windows bring a stylish finishing touch to your home. Pair with an awning or casement window for even more natural light. 

WinGuard® Vinyl

Removable sashes allow for easy cleaning while SecureConnect patented-technology corner keys offer added strength. 

WinGuard® Vinyl

Casements work well in kitchens and bathrooms where you want to quickly rid your room of humidity.

WinGuard® Vinyl

Customizable to fit your lifestyle, this easily operated hurricane window enhances security while providing exceptional durability and strength. 


Easy operation and durable construction makes this energy-efficient window a great option for bathrooms and kitchens.


A beautiful way to transform living rooms, master bedrooms, and more. Providing abundant natural light, this energy-efficient window can work alone or be paired with a companion window.


This EnergyVue® vinyl single hung window features SecureConnect patented-technology integrated corner keys for added strength and a tilt sash design for easier cleaning.


Boost natural light and add a unique style element to your home with our EnergyVue® architectural windows. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to find the ideal accent for your front door and other areas of the home.

WinGuard® Vinyl

Optimizes natural light and expands the view in living rooms, master bedrooms, and more. Comes standard with laminated insulating glass.

WinGuard® Vinyl

This WinGuard® vinyl casement picture window maximizes light and can be paired with the matching Casement and/or Awning windows for a complete design.

WinGuard® Vinyl

Designed to boost curb appeal and maximize natural light. Choose from a range of styles to add head-turning architectural flair. 



One of our most popular energy-efficient products. Designed for durable daily use with smooth open-and-close operation, it provides natural light and extra security to your home.


An elegant and airy addition to interior and exterior spaces, it’s made to resist corrosion even in the salty air of coastal areas. 


One of our most popular energy-efficient products. Designed for durable daily use with smooth open-and-close operation, it provides natural light and extra security to your home.

WinGuard® Vinyl

 Easy operation and durable design makes it a welcome addition to high-traffic areas in your home.

WinGuard® Vinyl

Energy-efficient, durable, and designed to resist corrosion, especially in coastal areas.