The Benefits of Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

Engineered to protect your family from hurricane-force winds and other extreme weather, WinGuard® impact resistant windows and doors also offer additional benefits to increase the comfort, security, and beauty of your home. Our impact glass provides extra protection from would-be intruders and noise pollution while offering potential long-term savings.

Hurricane Protection

Hurricane-force winds and flying debris can be extremely destructive. With impact resistant windows like the ones we make at PGT®, damaged glass remains secure in the frame to keep your home and loved ones safe.

hurricane protection
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Impact windows and doors serve as a deterrent against would-be intruders. Even if struck, our laminated glass is constructed to remain intact, providing no point of entry. It’s 24/7 peace of mind.

Reduced Noise

Quiet is comfort, and it’s a popular added benefit of our hurricane windows and doors. Impact glass absorbs noise and can significantly reduce common outdoor sounds, from barking dogs to traffic.
better security
long term savings

Long-Term Savings

Impact windows and doors have proven to be a good investment. While they can potentially boost energy efficiency and home value while possibly lowering insurance premiums, they also offer a sense of security that’s priceless.

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