Peace and quiet are important benefits that WinGuard® hurricane windows and doors offer. Common outdoor disturbances, like lawn mowers, barking dogs, airplanes, and thunder, are minimized by up to 65%*.

How do WinGuard® Hurricane Windows Reduce Noise?

Our impact-resistant glass absorbs sound to keep your home more peaceful. While WinGuard® windows and doors are not soundproof, they do significantly reduce common noise.

how winguard reduce noise

Barking Dogs

Whether it’s your neighbor’s pet or one three doors down, barking dogs can disrupt your day and keep you up at night.

Lawn Mower

Nothing ruins a weekend sleep-in or nap like the sound of a lawn mower.

Traffic and Sirens

From honking to emergency sirens, the ruckus that comes from traffic can create noise pollution in your home.


Even with restrictions in place, construction sites begin operating early, and the sounds of loud machinery can make peace and quiet impossible.


During a weather event, or even just a seasonal storm, the crashing sound of thunder can be unsettling — especially for little ones.

Neighbor’s Party

Are your neighbors social butterflies? Loud parties and festivities that go a little too late and get a little too loud can intrude on the calm of your own home.

*Sound reduction demonstrations are based upon the PGT Custom Windows + Doors WinGuard Aluminum Picture Window’s (PW7720A) OITC rating compared to a single-pane window with an OITC rating of 19. Actual results may vary.

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