Casement Window

Commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, casement windows are hinged at the side to open outward, letting air flow freely throughout your home while providing an unobstructed view. Casement picture and architectural windows provide the perfect complement, creating a cohesive look with our casement windows.

ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum

Place Casements in humid areas like the kitchen and bathroom for the ultimate combination of functionality and beauty.

WinGuard® Aluminum

The foldaway handle is nestled into the window, preventing interference with curtains, and the matching Awning and Picture windows offer a complete look in your home.

EnergyVue® Vinyl

This WinGuard® vinyl casement window is hinged on the side like a door, opening either from the left or right.

WinGuard® Vinyl

Casements work well in kitchens and bathrooms where you want to quickly rid your room of humidity.

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