PGT For Commercial Builders

Choose PGT for commercial-grade windows and doors that deliver unparalleled security, aesthetic appeal, and long-term performance, ensuring your projects stand as testaments to quality and design.

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PGT® for Commercial Builders

Our solutions are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of commercial construction, offering durability and energy efficiency that contribute to the sustainability and comfort of your buildings.

 Our Products

All of our products offer continuous overall protection and meet or exceed AAMA and Miami-Dade requirements, passing the most rigorous wind and impact tests in the industry.

Resources for Commercial Builders

Take advantage of our extensive collection of technical specifications and detailed performance metrics tailored for commercial construction needs. These resources are crafted to support your decision-making process, ensuring every build meets both the aesthetic and functional standards of modern commercial architecture.

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Envision by PGT®

Discover valuable design tips, product education and more.