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Why Impact Windows Are Right for Your Home

Why Impact Windows Are Right for Your Home

May 15, 2023
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Impact windows, also called hurricane windows and hurricane impact windows, are windows that are designed to withstand impacts from flying debris in high-wind situations. Impact windows are a popular window product in communities that are often impacted by tropical storms and other high-wind situations. In Florida, impact windows are a must-have for many home buyers and in new construction residential structures.

If you live under regular threat from tropical storms, hurricanes, and other high-wind events, impact windows may be the right product for your home. Below are the many reasons homeowners in Florida turn to impact windows for their property.

Hurricane Protection

Hurricanes are one of the most terrifying types of natural disasters. To even be classified as a hurricane, a storm must have winds of up to 74 miles per hour, and hurricanes can reach winds of 157 miles per hour or more. In this environment, debris can be lifted and thrown for feet, yards, or miles, often traveling fast enough to shatter a window.

During a hurricane, a broken window can be catastrophic. Once the window is compromised, air rushes in and causes a buildup of pressure inside the house. When this happens, the roof can blow off and other devastating kinds of structural damage can take place.

Impact windows are made from laminated glass or laminated insulating glass encased in a heavy-duty frame. This design is meant to minimize damage during hurricanes, potentially saving the structure.

Energy Efficiency

Florida is a state of extreme temperatures, with very hot summers and sometimes very cold winters. In this type of environment, maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature indoors can be a challenge.

In the past, windows have been a source of energy loss in residential structures. The US Department of Energy estimates that approximately 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows, while during the cooling season, approximately 76% of the light that enters the home becomes heat. Impact windows are made from laminated glass or laminated insulating glass, which helps provide insulation and protection from unwanted heat loss and heat gain.

The US Department of Energy indicates that the right type of windows can reduce solar heat gain and improve thermal performance. Impact windows are designed to offer superior performance and excellence in this type of environment. PGT’s UV performance coating rejects up to 78% of solar heat and filters visible light. Many PGT windows can even be upgraded to achieve ENERGY STAR® certification, the most prestigious form of energy efficiency.

Sound Dampening

Outside noises can be a big nuisance, depending on the usual activity where you live. What’s near your house? Are there loud neighbors? Barking dogs? Lawn mowers and leaf blowers? Airplanes? A freeway? All of these noises and more can impact your quality of life and have a negative impact on your indoor environment.

Loud noises can intrude upon your concentration, impact your ability to find deep sleep, wake your baby, and stop your children from sleeping properly, and if the noises are an inescapable part of the environment, can reduce the value of your home. Impact windows from PGT are sound dampening. The dual layers of strong glass and laminate can reduce exterior noises by as much as 65%.

This can improve your quality of life, your home’s value, and your indoor environment. Want to love where you live? Impact windows can improve your home’s environment and make this easier.

Added Deterrence Against Intruders

Just as impact windows maintain their strength and integrity against flying debris, so they too can maintain their strength and integrity in the face of intruders. This gives you peace of mind when you’re traveling and while you sleep at night. When you invest in impact windows from PGT, you can enjoy the safety and security that comes from knowing your windows are resistant to break-ins.

Increased Home Value/High ROI

Installing a new expensive home fixture or product like new windows can raise the value of your home, especially when you choose to install a product that has exceptional durability and longevity. It’s estimated that the ROI of new window installation can be as high as 85%.

If it’s your goal to sell your home sometime soon, installing impact products can help boost the sale price of your home and may make your house more competitive with comparable homes in your area. Ultimately, the more competitive your home is, the faster the house may sell. In this way, installing new impact windows may make the home sale process a greater success and a faster one, at that.

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