Aluminum Vs. Vinyl: 7 Key Things To Look For When Choosing a Window Frame

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When it comes to replacing your home’s windows, it’s a good idea to first do some comparison shopping. Today’s options are vast, but two of the best materials to look at in terms of a window’s frame are aluminum and vinyl. Both types of window frames have their merits. What you ultimately decide to purchase […]

Earth-Friendly Home Remodel Projects

Earth-friendly living room in an upscale home

Upgrading or adding new features to your home can be exciting, especially if you’re looking to gravitate to an eco-friendly environment. The modern possibilities are endless. From installing cleaner energy options to integrating sustainable upgrades to seeking to conserve energy and water, you can easily beautify your home while being kind to our planet. Related: […]

Benefits of Vinyl and Aluminum for Your New Windows & Doors

Middle-aged couple shopping for new vinyl or aluminum windows in their family home.

Upgrading your windows and doors is an exciting prospect, but so many decisions! Fortunately, there are a number of great options to choose from. Any of which will add curb appeal and boost your home’s value. Most importantly, they’ll keep your family safe. Related: 5 Things to Consider for Your Next Window & Door Upgrade […]