Stylish, Earth Friendly Home Improvement Techniques

Grandfather and grandson planting a tree in the yard.

Spring is arriving and now’s a good time to look at this year’s home improvement options. If you’re looking to go greener this year while maintaining style, you can accomplish your goals in several different ways. Related: Energy-Efficiency with Style: All Black Frames in Vinyl Garage and Attic Insulation & Ventilation Garage and attic areas […]

8 Ways to Minimize Unwanted and Distracting Sounds in Your Home 

Mother and daughter baking together in quiet house

Loud distractions from the outside that creep into your home can be pretty disrupting. This is especially true if you’re working from home, have small children napping, are routinely woken up at night, or simply have the day off and want to relax. Other noises occurring within your home you can control to some extent, […]

Xeriscaping Guide for Florida

PGT Impact Window - PGT - Hurricane Impact Windows

If someone asked you to explain the difference between landscaping and xeriscaping, what would you say? Don’t feel bad if you do not know the answer (yet). Both philosophies involve decorating your property with trees, plants, and flowers. But xeriscaping’s approach is unique, providing an excellent way to enhance your property and “go green” at the same […]