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Introducing the New WinGuard Aluminum

Introducing the New WinGuard Aluminum

August 13, 2018
PGT Windows - Impact Resistant Windows

Available now. PGT® WinGuard® Aluminum products are built to withstand some of life’s most demanding situations. The heavy-duty window and door frames hold impact-resistant laminated glass — the primary barrier that continuously protects your home through major storms, attempted break-ins, and years of UV rays.

And with the redesign of our WinGuard® Aluminum Single Hung and Horizontal Roller windows, America’s favorite brand of impact-resistant products is better than ever. We are always improving the nation’s #1 impact-resistant brand.
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Re-designing aesthetics

We have taken the opportunity to elevate the look of WinGuard® Aluminum. With new choices to help design in remarkable new ways, we’ve re-doubled our efforts to match strength with an exceptional look.

Re-thinking performance

PGT is always focused on performance. We understand the responsibility to protect homeowners and structures from the elements. With our re-imagination, we took exceptional performance to an even higher level.

Re-formulating reliability

Although we already have some of the most reliable and trusted windows on the market, yet we will never rest. Each time we launch or relaunch a new product, we ask ourselves if we can continue raising the bar.

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