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Blur the Line: Letting the Outdoors in

Blur the Line: Letting the Outdoors in

September 1, 2023
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The world outside is wild and unpredictable, while the world indoors is orderly and controlled. What happens when you bring those two environments together into one space? Find out when you use the right home fixtures and decor to bring more of your home’s exterior into your interior space.

Using creative upgrades and home arrangements, you can bring the light and living beauty of your home’s exterior into the calm and organized interior. See what happens when you create a hybrid space that celebrates the best of both worlds. In this article, we’ll discuss several things you can do to make your home a hybrid of indoor and outdoor beauty.

Sliding or French Doors

Install sliding or French patio doors to your living room to your outdoor patio or pool. Sliding contemporary doors offer sleek, unbroken views, commonly unobstructed by grids. A French door for the patio offers the same beautiful view but with a hinged function in the doorway. When you’re trying to decide between sliding or French doors for your home, consider the following:

  • Space. Sliding doors are a good option for rooms where space is tight and there’s little room for a door to swing in and out. French doors are a better option if you have plenty of room for swinging in and out, but less room for sliding to the side. As you’re making your decision, consider where the door will be installed and where the door has room to move.
  • Style. Although sliding and French doors are similar in appearance, the difference in their functionality is one of style. Sliding doors have a contemporary feel that works well in modern style homes, while French doors use a traditional method of opening and closing, more appropriate for homes built in a more traditional style. The difference is subtle, but real.
  • Position in the room. To get the most benefit from your French or sliding glass doors, consider where you’ll get the best views and the most natural light. Install your doors in a location where you’ll get the maximum benefit in your home.
  • Energy efficiency. Assuming that you’ll be installing your sliding or French door in a location where the door will be exposed to a lot of natural sunlight, it’s important to choose a door that is energy efficient. Low-e glass prevents sunlight from heating the room while allowing visible daylight into your home.

Indoor/Outdoor Sound System

This option is a must-have if you enjoy entertaining guests. An indoor/outdoor sound system allows you to play the same music in your home and outside in your yard. Great parties and for relaxing with your family, the indoor/outdoor sound system allows you to control the environment in and around your house so that everyone can enjoy the sounds of whatever music you’ve chosen.

A good indoor/outdoor sound system is just what you need to add ambiance to your next large gathering. When selecting a sound system, look for these features:

  • Small speakers for easy positioning around the house, inside and out
  • Clarity of sound
  • Easy control from a centralized location, like your smartphone
  • Wireless functionality for easy installation

Once you’ve chosen a wireless indoor/outdoor sound system for your home, the next job is to choose the right music to play. Start cultivating an extensive list of music for your sound system, so you’ll always have the music that’s perfect for the event that you’re hosting.

Indoor/Outdoor Flooring Options

Indoor/outdoor flooring options go a long way toward blurring the distinction between your home inside and outside. It can be hard to choose an indoor/outdoor flooring material because outdoor flooring materials are limited, and of course, you want whatever you choose to look good on the inside as well as the outside. Some potential flooring options include:

  • Porcelain tile
  • Ceramic tile
  • Luxury vinyl tile

Shop around when looking for the right flooring material for your home. See the flooring options in-person, either at a showroom or at a material supplier, to help you make your decision. Feel the textures, look at the different color options and bring samples, of course, to ensure that the choice you make is the right one for you.

Buy high quality materials whenever possible. Good quality material will wear better than low quality material, and the outdoors can be hard on flooring. You’ll want your flooring type to wear evenly inside and outside, so this is important.

As you choose the right material for your outdoor flooring, there’s one more thing you should consider: which colors and textures will hide dirt the easiest. Your outdoor flooring material will be subjected to some dirt and grime over time, so it’s important to think about how this will impact the appearance of your flooring material. Choose a material that will look its best in an outdoor environment, even when it gets a little bit dirty.

Floor to Ceiling Doors

Floor to ceiling doors make walls seem to disappear, especially when those floor to ceiling doors are made entirely of glass. The larger the door (and the larger the pane of glass), the more of the outside world that you’ll be able to view from inside your home.

As with exterior French doors and secure sliding glass door options listed above, you’ll want to choose a door that has energy efficient glass. This prevents hot spots in your home in the summer, and also protects your furniture and flooring from the harmful UV rays that could cause fading.

Floor to ceiling doors made from glass are elegant as well as functional. By allowing more natural light into your home, these doors can make your house more attractive to guests, and allow you to save money on utilities. You’ll use your home’s electric lighting less and use the daylight outside more once floor to ceiling doors are installed.

Complementary Light Fixtures

Creative and unique light fixtures add beauty to your home while also aiding the daylight that streams through your windows. Choose lights with an organic appearance to echo the shapes that you see right outside your home. There are many different types of light fixtures that you can choose from. Choose a combination of pendant fixtures, overhead lights, chandeliers and lamps to make your home light, bright, and beautiful.

When choosing light fixtures, aim for achieving layered lighting. Layered lights prevent shadows from befalling your home while also ensuring that you’ll always have the lighting options you need when you need them.

It’s An Ongoing Effort

When you’re trying to bring the outside in, just remember that there are many design choices that you can make to aid in this effort. It’s an ongoing process, and you shouldn’t expect your home’s transformation to happen right away.

You might start by installing new light fixtures or installing an indoor/outdoor sound system, then you may move on to other efforts. Over time, you’ll start to notice the effects as they take shape. Keep going and over time, you’ll be amazed how your home transforms.

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