Window Safety Week, which is observed each year from April 7-13, recognizes how vital best practices are in keeping families safe.
“It only takes seconds for a preventable window fall to occur,” says Becky Turpin, director, home and community safety, at the National Safety Council. “To avoid these needless tragedies, it is very important for parents and caregivers to take steps to prevent home falls.”
Below are 8 tips from the Window Safety Task Force that will help protect your loved ones:
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  1. Keep windows and doors locked in the presence of young children.
  2. If you want to let fresh air into your room, open windows that are beyond a child’s reach.
  3. Arrange your furniture away from windows to prevent children from accessing the windows.
  4. Do not allow your children to jump on beds/additional furniture.
  5. Although screens protect from outside elements like bugs and dust, they do not protect your family from falls.
  6. Ensure that your children are supervised to keep them away from windows or large openings like sliding glass doors.
  7. Install a Window Opening Control Device that is ASTM F2090 certified to limit how far a window can be opened. These devices are available on the following windows:
  8. Practice how to safely use a window during an emergency escape like a fire.

For more information on how to encourage safety year-round, visit the National Safety Council’s website.