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Top 9 Trends Expected in 2023 for French Doors

Top 9 Trends Expected in 2023 for French Doors

June 13, 2022
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Whether you’re looking to brighten up a space, create more indoor-outdoor flow, or add an element of architectural interest to your home, French doors may be exactly what you’re looking for.

While French doors are a timeless look, they can also be trend-forward—which makes them an excellent choice for homeowners seeking to make mindful improvements that will continue to bring them joy for years to come while also increasing the value of their homes.

If you’re thinking about incorporating French doors into your home in 2023 and you’re on the lookout for ideas or inspiration, read on for a roundup of 10 French door trends currently having a major moment in the interior design world.

1. Imitate your interiors

Thanks to technological and manufacturing advancements, French patio doors are now available in a breadth and depth of styles, materials, and colors.

Rather than “one size fits all” French doors, homeowners are choosing to customize French doors that complement the overall style of their homes.

For example, more decorative French doors will coordinate well with more ornate styles like French Country and Hollywood Regency, while simpler versions with clean lines harmoniously integrate with more pared down decorating styles like minimalist and Scandinavian.

2. Make color count

While white French doors are a timeless classic, more homeowners are choosing to explore different color options when selecting French doors.

Take French doors in neutral colors, for example, which blend in seamlessly with interiors while also letting views shine. Meanwhile, bold, bright colors “pop” in a space. Another red-hot hue for contemporary door frames? Bold black.

One piece of advice from the experts? When choosing colors, make sure to consider the impact of shifting light throughout the day on their appearance.

3. Factor in the façade

We often think of French doors in terms of their interior appearance. However, the latest French door designs also consider the coordination between their outward facing sides and exterior details, such as the roof, siding, lighting, and landscape elements.

4. Weather the weather

In good design, form always serves function. While French doors are beautiful, they’re alo inherently functional. However, in addition to increasing natural light and promoting air circulation, today’s French doors can also have additional functionalities, including preventing heat loss and optimizing energy efficiency, bolstering security, and protecting homes and their inhabitants from extreme weather.

Given climate change and predictions about the worsening frequency, intensity, and impacts of extreme weather, it’s not surprising that high-quality impact doors and windows are expected to be one of 2023’s top design trends.

Additionally, doors made with durable, low-maintenance materials like vinyl and aluminum are also sought-after by today’s homeowners.

5. Consider contemporary

French doors are a classic style staple. However, this doesn’t mean they’re not suitable for more modern aesthetics. In fact, French door installations have the potential to enhance contemporary living spaces.

6. Experiment with scale

In addition to considering different shapes when choosing doors, many homeowners are also opting for double height and wide width doors. Whether you think up or out, larger doors are striking in appearance while also allowing for more sun, fresh air, and views.

7. Mix and match installations

A twist on the theme of double height doors? Configurations combining French doors and fixed panels of glazing are an excellent choice in rooms with high ceilings. Whether positioned at the sides or above French doors, these windows add light and visual interest.

8. Amplify the effect

We often think of French doors in terms of pairs. While single doors are also popular, many homeowners are going in a different direction by lining entire walls with French doors.

Not only does this make an unforgettable design statement, but it can also make a room feel more expansive, allow for maximum air circulation, and provide wide open egress between indoor and outdoor spaces.

9. Invite them indoors

French doors offer an alluring fusion of form and function…so why limit them to patios and other outdoor spaces? Many interior designers are choosing to utilize French doors in interiors, such as in breakfast nooks and pantries.

In addition to providing subtle separation between rooms, these elegant doors invite in abundant natural light while also reducing noise.

French doors can have a transformative effect when integrated into living spaces. However, there’s much more involved in the process of selecting French doors than picking the ones that look best. This is where PGT® Windows + Doors comes in.

America’s #1 brand of impact-resistant products*, PGT is committed to help people live more joyfully and safely in their homes thanks to their exceptional line of impact windows and doors, including French doors, double French doors, sliding glass doors, and other exterior glass doors.

To take a step in the direction of elevating your home and property with PGT® products, get your free quote today.

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