Bigger, Better Views and a More Inviting Space

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The most effective home improvements can enhance not only the functionality of your home but also the comfort and everyday enjoyment of your living spaces. We engineered our WinGuard® Preferred View Sliding Glass Door (SGD770NS) to do all that and a lot more. Featuring narrow interlocks, this new style enhances your view and your home […]

Aluminum Vs. Vinyl: 7 Key Things To Look For When Choosing a Window Frame

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When it comes to replacing your home’s windows, it’s a good idea to first do some comparison shopping. Today’s options are vast, but two of the best materials to look at in terms of a window’s frame are aluminum and vinyl. Both types of window frames have their merits. What you ultimately decide to purchase […]

Create Your Sanctuary: Lower the Noise, Upgrade Your Comfort

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Your home is your safe haven, or at least it should be. If you find conditions that negatively impact your lifestyle, it’s a good idea to identify the culprits. Then take proactive steps to eliminate, or at least, lessen them. For instance, you can lower excess noise and make other aesthetic changes to upgrade your […]

Cost-Effective Home Upgrades that Deliver Lasting Value

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As a homeowner, you want your home to be both comfortable and safe. Ideally, any upgrades made should augment your lifestyle and home’s value. Not all remodels, additions, or embellishments are cost-effective or will bring a good return on investment (ROI). Planning your upgrades strategically ensures value is added in a cost-effective way. Related: Earth-Friendly […]

Earth-Friendly Home Remodel Projects

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Upgrading or adding new features to your home can be exciting, especially if you’re looking to gravitate to an eco-friendly environment. The modern possibilities are endless. From installing cleaner energy options to integrating sustainable upgrades to seeking to conserve energy and water, you can easily beautify your home while being kind to our planet. Related: […]

Upgrade Your Style with All-Black Frames

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Black window frames are a great addition to almost any style of home. As a neutral color, with its dark shade, black makes a bold statement. Especially when contrasted with traditional white frames. While black is a popular interior window frame color right now, what’s great about this hue is it’s a timeless shade that […]

Eco Friendly Living for Your Home

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If you are looking to live a greener lifestyle, you’ll find there are many eco friendly additions you can bring into your home. These, combined with an overall consciousness of energy savings, can help you meet your sustainability goals. Did you know many additions can also yield great savings? It’s true. As a bonus, you […]

Stylish, Earth Friendly Home Improvement Techniques

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Spring is arriving and now’s a good time to look at this year’s home improvement options. If you’re looking to go greener this year while maintaining style, you can accomplish your goals in several different ways. Related: Energy-Efficiency with Style: All Black Frames in Vinyl Garage and Attic Insulation & Ventilation Garage and attic areas […]