What’s the best way to protect your home from flying debris during a hurricane? There are many options available for residential structures. Impact windows, shutters and mesh are all available and in use around the state of Florida. If you live in a location that is regularly threatened by tropical storms and intense winds, you have a decision to make. Knowing the advantages of each of the impact products available can help you make a choice that could impact the value of your home for years to come.

Impact Windows

Impact windows are made from laminated or laminated insulating glass encased in a highly durable frame that is designed to withstand strong winds. Laminated and laminated insulating glass offer year-round, “always on” impact protection. Impact windows come with ratings that indicate what wind speeds they can protect against, giving homeowners peace of mind during intense storms.

How do impact windows work? Laminated impact windows are made from two panes of glass that have been bonded by a thin plastic membrane called an interlayer. This plastic membrane offers ultimate durability during a hurricane, and even if the glass does break, the plastic membrane helps stop the pieces from shattering inward into the house – the pieces simply stay in place. Laminated insulating impact glass has a piece of laminated glass with an additional pane of glass that is separated by an insulating air space.

In addition to this strong construction that allows impact windows to ride through strong storms, impact windows also have the benefit of being energy efficient. Dual-pane glazing helps prevent energy transfer that can heat up your home in summer and lead to energy loss in winter. This helps your home stay at the right temperature without over-burdening your HVAC system.

Hurricane windows have especially strong warp-resistant framing that can withstand strong impacts as well. This framing helps your windows stay in place while offering superior protection from leaks and other damage.

If you leave home, your hurricane windows also provide a high level of security to help protect your house from intruders. If a hurricane can’t compromise your house, then a person likely can’t either.

Impact windows from PGT Custom Windows and Doors are installed by certified installers for excellent performance. Your hurricane impact windows are designed to withstand the test of time as well as the test of mother nature.

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are made of metal and are attached to the side of the house. In the event of a hurricane, the shutters are installed. They’re removed after the hurricane ends. Roll-down hurricane shutters lack aesthetic value, so many homeowners only use these impact products during hurricanes.

Do hurricane shutters work? The answer is yes, but with limitations. While they are effective, they’re operated manually and must be closed by hand. They can become stiff or difficult to open and shut, and may require some maintenance in order to continue to offer best value. In addition, they do need to be put on the house in order to be used, which means the homeowner needs to be around in order to set up the shutters. If a hurricane materializes while the homeowner is away on vacation, they may have to leave vacation to come home and put the shutters on their house. 

Hurricane Mesh

Hurricane mesh is a fabric product coated in PVC or Kevlar for strength and durability. Hurricane mesh can protect your home from strong winds and flying debris, while still allowing some amount of light into your home. Hurricane mesh is made to order, with each panel matching the exact size of the window where it is installed. This means that hurricane mesh needs to be bought in advance – it cannot be purchased ahead of an impending hurricane.

How does hurricane mesh work? The mesh is attached to your house via grommets or bolts. Hurricane mesh can be installed by a capable DIYer, but panels are not a permanent part of your house. These panels are only available for hurricane protection and are not intended to have home security benefits like hurricane windows.

Which is Best?

If you’re a homeowner seeking a high value impact product that will increase the value of your home, hurricane impact windows are the clear winner.

“Always on” protection. Hurricane windows never have to be manually closed or installed ahead of a hurricane: they’re always there, offering the same great protection at all times of year. If you go away on vacation, you can enjoy peace of mind that your home is protected from hurricanes, intruders and more.

Attractive windows for your home. Unlike clunky options like roll-down shutters and mesh fabric, impact windows are lovely to behold and improve the aesthetic value of your home.

Allow light into your home. Even during a storm, impact shutters and mesh fabric block most (or all) light coming into your home. Impact windows allow all natural light in, which allows you to see outside and also see inside, even if the power goes out.

No installation or special maintenance. Hurricane windows require no special installation or maintenance. They’re easy to use and easy to enjoy all year round.

High value product for your home. Impact windows offer an ROI of up to 85%. If you’re thinking of selling your home sometime soon, impact windows are the best product for your money, because they can make your home more attractive to home buyers, and can also increase the selling price of your home.

Impact windows are installed by experts. There’s no concern that your windows will fail to perform due to installation defects, because impact windows are installed by certified, trained experts who know exactly how to do the job right.

Find Out More About Impact Windows with PGT Custom Windows and Doors

PGT Custom Windows and Doors makes hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact doors. Our impact products offer durability, longevity and elegance, all in one package. We create custom, energy efficient windows to increase the value of your home and help you maintain a comfortable temperature indoors. To find out more about how our hurricane windows work, or to get a quote for custom windows for your home, contact us today.