Your home has beautiful views, an expansive property and a lot of outdoor space to see. Now it’s time to showcase that property with the right contemporary glass doors. Sliding glass doors offer many benefits that homeowners seek; that’s why they’re so popular. If you’re seeking out a way to bathe your home interior in natural light while creating a convenient entrance and exit for your home, sliding glass doors are the best product for you.

Are sliding glass doors for you?

The best way to tell if your home is right for sliding glass doors is to visit a showroom with various terrace and sliding doors to see the options for yourself. Below are some reasons that you might choose to install sliding glass doors in your home.

  • You have a view you’d like to show off. Sliding glass doors are easily identified by their expansive windows that show off the beauty of the land around your home. If installing sliding glass doors in a large wall, consider installing doors with multiple panels to create a wall of windows. PGT Custom Windows + Doors even sells Preferred View Sliding Glass Doors with narrow interlocks to ensure a maximum view. Spend more time enjoying the view outside with PGT Preferred View products.
  • You want to reach your patio easily. Want to gain easy access to your patio? Install a sliding glass door panel, or multiple panels to create a wider opening. Sliding glass doors glide easily along a track for quick access to the outside.
  • You’d like to create an indoor/outdoor living situation. To bring the outdoors into your home, simply open the sliding glass door and feel the outdoor breezes on your face.
  • You enjoy entertaining. Sliding glass doors make it easier to entertain large groups of people. PGT sliding doors allow for up to 8 sliding glass door panels that can be moved horizontally along a track, to ensure easy movement inside to outside, and the reverse.

Large Sliding Glass Doors Customizations

Customizations make your doors just right for your interior and exterior spaces. If you’re installing sliding glass doors in your home, work with a company that offers size and color customizations to suit your needs.

Colored and obscured glass available. Colored glass adds beauty to your home’s glass inside and out, while the obscured glass provides extra privacy while allowing natural daylight into your home.

Made with a range of finishes. PGT sliding glass doors come in four possible finishes depending on the product line, including white, bronze, black and beige. These colors allow you to choose the finish that will look best in your home.

Can be made with multiple panels. Small spaces need only one panel doors, but large spaces benefit from multiple panel doors. At PGT, up to 8 sliding door panels are available to ensure that your sliding doors will fit on your wall.

Benefits of Large Sliding Glass Doors

What are the benefits of large sliding glass doors? Here’s what homeowners like about glass doors from PGT.

Open up your home to beautiful views. Lovely views are wasted if they can’t be brought inside. Large sliding glass doors allow the views to come indoors and be enjoyed from anywhere. PGT Preferred View Sliding Glass Door with narrow interlocks are especially beneficial in homes with good views because these windows have expansive views.

Create a wall of doors. Large sliding glass doors are designed to have one, two, three or up to eight glass panels. These glass doors can create a similar effect to a wall of windows.

90-degree corner meet options enhance the beauty of indoor/outdoor living. The 90-degree corner meet options for sliding glass doors allow two glass doors to meet at a 90-degree angle. When opened, the barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces seem to fall away. In this way, sliding glass doors seem to create the ultimate indoor/outdoor living environment.

How to Choose Large Sliding Glass Doors for Your Home

When you’re choosing large sliding glass doors for your home, look for a manufacturer and dealer that sells a quality product that’s built to last. Shop around and compare products to ensure that the sliding glass doors you choose will be right for your home.