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There are many options available to maximize the energy performance of impact resistant windows and doors. Additions like high-performance low-E coatings, glass tints, and argon glass can help you achieve ENERGY STAR® ratings and potentially save money, offsetting some hurricane impact window costs.

Doors by frame

PGT® offers doors with aluminum or vinyl frames. Both materials meet our high standards for quality and reliability, providing a range of benefits to enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your home.

Doors by style

Our doors are durably designed to provide convenience, beauty, and natural light to your home’s interior and exteriors, from patios to garages. Choose from a variety of configurations of French doors, sliding-glass doors, and cabana doors.

Doors by product lines

PGT® is proud to offer an extensive range of product lines. Whether you require impact resistance, energy efficiency, or other performance options, our collections have the right door for you and your family.

PGT® doors add convenience and style to any room. We offer French doors, sliding-glass doors, and cabana doors throughout our collections with impact resistant, energy-efficient, non-impact, and other performance options to meet the needs of your home and family. Choose from a variety of grid features, glass tints, and more.

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