Hurricane Protection & Preparedness: How to Prepare for the 2023 Hurricane Season

This image shows the aftermath of a hurricane, with a waterfront home demolished by the storm.

As hurricane season approaches, savvy Florida homeowners are already taking steps to prepare for the worst. Hurricane Preparedness Week is the perfect time to start taking pre-season precautions. Whether you’re new to the area or revamping your home, there are plenty of ways to safeguard your property and minimize potential damage. To be fully prepared […]

Impact Windows vs. Shutters: How Do They Compare?

Impact vs Shutters

Choosing the right hurricane protection for your home or business is crucial for keeping your property, and the people within, safe in areas prone to extreme weather and those considered “wind-borne debris regions.” For many homeowners, the decision comes down to hurricane impact windows versus shutters. From convenience to overall effectiveness, homeowners have many factors […]

Florida Building Codes: How They Started, What it Means for You

Buying a home in Florida comes with an amazing lifestyle. However, the Sunshine State is located in an area of the world that is highly prone to the winds that come with tropical and hurricane-force storms. This is an important consideration for homeowners. Related: Best Ways to Secure Your Home During Storm Season Fortunately, storm-related […]

Best Ways to Secure Your Home During Storm Season

Palm trees blowing in the winds of a tropical storm

Hurricane season is upon us in Florida and other Atlantic coastal states. NOAA’s hurricane forecasters predict a 60% chance of an “above-normal season,” but not one as drastic as 2020. Forecasts expect 13 to 20 named storms, 6 of 10 could become hurricanes, with 3 to 5 “major hurricanes” (Category 3, 4, or 5). The […]

Hurricane Preparation Tips: The Importance of Planning Ahead

Satellite image of an Atlantic hurricane

Hurricane season will soon be upon us, and it’s best to prepare sooner than later. Storm experts predict the 2021 Atlantic storm season will be more active than usual. Officially, hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30, though storms can appear outside these dates—and have this year already, beginning with Tropical Storm Ana. […]